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Jonny Magowan

Director, Creative, Editor and VFX

Will Nobes

Photographer, Cinematographer, Colourist better than Jonny ;)


He has built a career in London over the past nine years, working in a huge TV post-production house, and top advertising agencies. Having worked with big brands such as Peroni, Tesco and Hellmann's, he's well versed in shooting and delivering high quality content, be it photography or video, using skills honed over many years in the industry and his love for the visual medium. 


Ok...Jonny's alright too. 

Jonny Magowan is an experienced Director and Editor having worked wit brands such as Sure, Budweiser and Singapore Airlines.


Relishing the chance to work with a variety of clients, he prides himself on being able to take ideas and transform them into visual content that is polished and  engaging. Having spent years perfecting his trade as an in-house videographer and then freelancer, he joined forces with Will to create a lean, efficient production house that provides a high quality product for fair prices. 

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